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The first thing you'll want to do is find out if there is any trail in your area. With our interactive trail map you can see the entire provinces trail system at a glance! If you still have questions, reach out to your local club.


Get Training

Anyone born on or after January 1, 1989 in Saskatchewan is required by law to complete a Snowmobile Safety Course. Without it, you may be charged and your insurance may be invalid.


Find a sled

You found trail, you got training, now you just need the sled! A list of dealers and contact info can be found in our Dealer Listing and on the interactive trail map.  Get a sled that's right for you! 


Register sleds

Under The Snowmobile Act, you must register your sled before you can ride it on public roads (where allowed), ditches, other highway rights of way, provincial parks, Crown land, designated trails or on rivers and lakes.

Traveling from out of province? All you need to ride in Saskatchewan is valid insurance & proof of registration from your home province.

Our Mission

Since 1971 the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association has been dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to members and member clubs, to promoting and encouraging the enjoyment of recreational snowmobiling, and to establishing and maintaining quality snowmobile trails that are to be used in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Over 11,000 kilometers of trails have been built by SSA members. Our vision is to be leaders in the recreational sport of snowmobiling with a vision of where the organization is going and the values to be practiced along the way. To pass on to all clubs and members a shared ownership for this vision and to facilitate the desired results in a productive and rewarding environment. To enable our clubs to succeed and applaud them when they do. Consistently demonstrate and inspire our clubs and members, respect, trust and a positive, helpful attitude.

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Snowmobile Safety Online or Classroom

In person training courses are offered throughout the year at various locations by certified safety instructors. Online training is available year round allowing you to learn at own pace, logging in and out at any time.

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Be the first to know about everything snowmobiling in Saskatchewan! Our monthly newsletter contains information ranging from club news to legislation updates and changes. Get the latest on SSA membership, safety, and special offers. Membership purchase not required.

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