The Provincial Snowmobile Festival

Come ride the wild, wild North West! It’s off to North Battleford for my first Provincial Snowmobile Festival.
It really was a perfect day in every sense of the word; warm sun on your face, azure sky over head, and plenty of snow underfoot. I was joined, as before, by my friends “the butterflies” when I first fired up the snowmobile. Today I was riding with a much larger group than during my first attempt in the Town of Hudson Bay, and things certainly felt more business than pleasure this time around as I found myself sat with club delegates and board members. I was after all representing the Snowmobile Association and hoped that my amateur riding experience wouldn’t show too much.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that just as it did last time, all nerves, self doubt, and reservation, melted away once I hit the snow (only this time much quicker). We couldn’t have gone more than a couple hundred yards before I was grinning from ear to ear and eager to press onward. Now it could be simply because this wasn’t my first time riding a snowmobile like it was on my last tour, but I will say this: from a beginner’s standpoint the trails in North Battleford seemed less intimidating and stressful. A goof up here would wind me up in a field not a tree, and the trails had room to sprawl out, resulting in a roadway nearly double the width of Hudson Bay’s. It’s not to say that one is better than the other as both offered differing experiences, just something to keep in mind for a novice or first time rider.

My Town of Hudson Bay experience was one of forested exploration, losing yourself in the natural beauty of your surrounds as you traversed an ever twisting trail. North Battleford offered something different, a sort of homey, hilly, back-country experience that felt just so perfectly prairie as you pushed through fresh powder. It dawned on me how equally enjoyable these two completely different adventures were and I couldn’t help but feel blessed to be living in a province that offered so much diversity and so much beauty. All of it was here all along, I had just never thought to look. So if you’ve never been snowmobiling, or know someone who hasn’t, I encourage you get out there and see what there is to offer. Saskatchewan truly is so much more than flat.


Next Time

Storage Maintenance

Check back April 1st when I get the down and dirty on how to properly prepare your snowmobile for end of the season storage!