Snowmobiling Moose Mountain Park

Saskatchewan is home to a snowmobile trail system of over 10,000 kilometers of signed and groomed trail which passes through many different cities, towns, and locations. But did you know that it also connects with a couple provincial parks? Moose Mountain Park is one of those locations. Multiple communities in the surrounding area all converge on Moose Mountain Park, making it a sort of snowmobiling hub for the area. You can find many businesses, restaurants, and accommodations right off the trail in the park. Whether you’re riding in from one of the many surrounding towns, or unloading right in the park, the ability to freely navigate these businesses via snowmobile makes it an ideal get away for any rider regardless of experience. But there’s more here than just snowmobiling, it’s a very unique location for photographers as the trail takes you to places and sights you’d never have gotten to on foot, it has separate trails for both cross country skiing and snow shoeing enthusiasts, and being that it’s only a few hours away it makes for a perfect weekend family get away. Winter and the great outdoors is big part of what is means to be from Saskatchewan so this year, don’t hide, ride! Rather than running from the winter and the snow, embrace it and see what Saskatchewan has to offer.

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