Snowmobile Whiteswan

The trails of the Whiteswan can be found just about as far north as our system goes. Experience this heavily forested, amazingly diverse trail system with some of the friendliest people in the province; the Whiteswan Snow Hawks!

You can view their trails on the interactive trail map here

You can also contact the club for more detailed information about their trail either by Facebook:…

Or by visiting their club page on our website:…

Now just because you’re far up north doesn’t mean you have to give up any comforts; this isn’t your average snowmobile trip! Eagle Bay Resort has a wide range of year-round accommodations that will suit your crew no matter the size. They’re complete with fuel, a convenience store, and a restaurant that you HAVE to try. It’s a hidden gem made into a one-of-a-kind experience by it’s amazingly hospitable owners.

You can learn more about Eagle Bay Resort by visiting them on Facebook:

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