Snowmobile Safety Week

Safety Week: January 17th to 23rd

Snowmobile Safety Week is recognized internationally and this year in Saskatchewan the dates of safety week are: January 17 – 23, 2021.

Snowmobiling is important to all local snowmobiling communities and therefore it is important to highlight that snowmobiling is a Fun Family Activity where we must keep safety in mind at all times. During safety week, the association and member clubs focus on key safety points promoting safety initiatives across the Province. Some of these points are:

  • Snowmobiling and alcohol don’t mix – Don’t drink and ride.
  • Smart Riders are Safe Riders – Take a snowmobile safety training course.
  • When night riding slow down – Expect the unexpected.
  • Know before you go – Always check local ice conditions
  • Cross with Care
  • Know the risks and be prepared – Make every trip a round trip
  • One is the loneliest number – Never ride alone.
  • Ride safe, stay on the trail – Respect private property.

The past few years we have also expanded our education that private landowners and public land managers deserve all snowmobilers respect. We highlight the need to protect land use privileges and to stay on the trail and if you don’t know – don’t go.

The association has a number of safety instructors that conduct courses across the Province but this year we have focused on the online safety course only and thank all of the students that have signed up to obtain their certification.

One of our instructors, Jerry Jemieff has provided us with a little background information about himself and his love of snowmobiling and teaching, we hope that you enjoy getting to know him a bit better.

Jerry Jemieff

Snowmobile Safety Instructor

Jerry has been a SSA Snowmobile Safety Instructor for the past 12 years, first in Yorkton and surrounding area and now in Saskatoon area. He has also been an active snowmobiler for over 30 years.  Throughout the years Jerry has taken a leadership role in bringing today’s youth into the sport we all love.

The in class safety course is approximately seven hours where students learn hand signals, safety rules of the trail and safety features of the snowmobile itself. Jerry also includes an actual demonstration of a snowmobile where he points out the parts, instruments, controls of the machine and discusses essential skills such as pre-start checks, safe starting, operating, trailering and storing of snowmobiles.  Thanks to the many local communities and snowmobile clubs that donate their time and effort to organize these classes for the youth of their community. The safety course is designed to teach not only youth, but people of all ages safe snowmobiling practices and to demonstrate how operating safely can help prevent mishaps.  In many classes Jerry has shown countless young and not so young, the correct and safe way to snowmobile.

Jerry has a passion for snowmobiling and loves to get out on the trails any chance he gets.  He was honoured to be awarded Diamonds in the Snow Outstanding Volunteer Snowmobiler of the year in 2018-2019 season. Snowmobiling is a growing family sport and it is important to keep it as safe as possible for all to enjoy!