Snowmobile Shelter Gatherings, COVID-19

Let’s keep snowmobiling this winter

You can help keep our shelters and trails open by abiding by the Public Health Orders. The gathering sizes inside and outside of shelters AND ON THE TRAILS cannot exceed the current Public Health Orders. One outbreak could lead to all of our shelters and trails being closed so please continue to “Snowcial Distance.” At the time of writing this (December 22, 2020), Public and private outdoor gatherings are permitted up to 10 persons. Persons in attendance must ensure that physical distancing of at least 2 meters between households is maintained. However, as the shelters are not subject to scheduled disinfection, gatherings of any size in any shelter beyond immediate household is strongly discouraged. Please wear a mask at all times when not operating a snowmobile. These guidelines are subject to change, so be sure to check current Public Health Orders before heading out.

If we all follow the guidelines, socially distance, wear masks, and avoid creating large groups/gatherings, then we can ensure that the trails remain open. The actions of a single person can, and will, make or break this season; for everyone. Regardless of your personal beliefs, laws are in place and breaking them results in consequences for us all. The time to bite your tongue is over. If you have friends who are breaking these restrictions, say something. Before we all lose snowmobiling this winter, or worse.

SSA Refund
In the event that all trails must be simultaneously closed as per the Chief Medical Officer of Saskatchewan before February 15, 2021, an application for a 25% refund on the $110 registration fee for the 2020-2021 season can be made to the SSA. The applications must be received by the SSA before March 15, 2021 with proof of registration purchased prior to the trail system closure, which will be paid from the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Fund.