End of Season Tips


Written by Curtis Parfitt

As another season comes to an end for snowmobiling in Saskatchewan, many of you will be preparing to put your sleds into storage for summer hibernation. As such, I thought we would take this time to ask a few of the board members and staff of the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association what they do when preparing to put away their own sleds for summer.

Here’s what they had to say:

(1) At the end of the riding season, here is what I do to put my sled away

  • On a warm enough day, I wash the entire unit, mostly by hand but I do use a pressure washer (30 degree nozzle) for the undercarriage and skid then let it dry thoroughly.
  • Change engine oil and filter/Change chaincase oil.
  • While the covers are off and the battery is out, I vacuum out the entire engine, clutch, and chaincase bays
  • I place the battery on a shelf in my garage after having it on a battery tender for a few days
  • Get grease into all zerks
  • Remove drive belt and wipe down all clutch surfaces and inspect for wear
  • Check over all wear items like skags, idler wheels, bushings etc and make note of necessary repairs
  • Fill with fresh gas with a touch of fuel stabilizer, making sure not to fill too full to allow for expansion during the hot days of summer
  • Once all of this is done, I store the covered sled in a back corner of my garage, track raised with a track stand and blocking put underneath bulkhead to take most of the weight off the skis
  • Pretty much all of this is done (except for repairs) in one April afternoon and about 6 cold beverages.😎
  • *Now…start praying for snow.

– Doug Bryshun, SSA Board Member

(2) Not much to do- pretty spoiled by my Cabana Boy!

  • After I remove everything from my storage bags plus wash and polish my baby, I go grab a cold beverage and reminisce on the great times I had with my Winter Friends which wouldn’t be possible without the snowmobile clubs, volunteers, sponsors, and landowners who make up the amazing trail system we have the privilege to ride on.
  • Well of course I save a cold beverage for my Cabana Boy:)

– Shannon Scott, SSA Board Member

(3) Knodel’s steps to winterizing a Polaris sled for the summer

  • Remove all side panels and the hood and do a complete inspection inside the motor
  • Clean out all the fuzz from the Arctic Cat sleds that you put through the air filter this winter
  • Put panels and hood back on. Polaris’s don’t need any other special care like the others.
  • Check to make sure your skis are still straight from that time Bishop tried to pass you in the ditch.
    #rubbinsracing #daysofthunder
  • Drain the fuel from your sled and put it in your dirt bike so you’re ready to go
  • Tarp the ol’ girl up and tuck nicely into bed in a corner of the garage.
    Make sure she’s close so you can talk to her all summer.
  • 240 days til time to rip again. 239, 238, 237…

– Jeremy Knodel, SSA Board Member

(4) Here’s what I usually do when putting my sled(s) away

18 years with 4 strokes;

  • Check-over unit(s)
  • Change engine oil
  • Startron gas (fuel treatment)
  • Put to Bed

Now 2 stroke;

  • Check-over unit(s)
  • Fog engine
  • Startron gas (fuel treatment)
  • Put to Bed

All done for the season!

– Barry Bradshaw, SSA Board Member

(5) End of Season Sled Prep:

  • Add fuel stabilizer to your tank on your last ride so it can work its way through your fuel system
  • Don’t forget to remove your last trail lunch from under your seat, it won’t keep
  • Give your sled a quick clean, it will look way better when you uncover it in the fall
  • If you own a Ski-Doo with an E-TEC engine, run the auto oil feature (google the easy procedure)
  • Stick a couple of bounce sheets in the engine bay and one in the exhaust outlet to keep the mice away
  • And whatever you do, don’t lose your key over the summer

– Rowe Dennis, SSA Staff/Controller

(6) Bart’s tip to summerize my sleds:

  • Put fresh premium fuel in for the last ride of the season
  • Park in a ventilated enclosed storage facility
  • Top up oil reservoir & grease all zerks
  • Make sure the area beside the exhaust is free of all obstructions
  • Install a camp cot beside sled for those warm rainy days when you need to dream of colder, whiter days
  • Clear your schedule monthly to visit your baby
  • Start it up until brought up to temperature and shut off
  • Take a nap and smell the fumes of memories past and memories to come
  • Repeat as necessary until you and your baby can become one again

– Bart Hartl, SSA Board Member/Zone 2 Rep

(7) I have some summer storage tips for the older carbureted sleds

  • Drain carb bowls-especially if fuel has ethanol
  • Put a cap full of oil down the cylinders
  • Put steel wool in exhaust outlet which keeps out the mice
  • Use a proper breathable cover to protect the finish and your investment; This is a must if you store your snowmobile outside

– Troy Foster, SSA Board Member

(8) Quick tip when storing sled(s)

  • Always remove all the gas from your sled tank before putting it away in storage to keep the fuel from going bad
  • You can always burn that sled fuel up in your lawnmower during the summer

– Kim Bisschop, SSA Board Member/Chair

Thank you for sharing your tips with us and thank you to everyone else out there in the snowmobiling community for another successful year. From all of us at the SSA, we wish you all a great summer and look forward to seeing and working with you all again in season 2021-2022.

Braaap on my friends…

Curtis Parfitt, SSA Board Member/Vice-Chair