End of Season Storage


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All good things must come to an end. It’s an old saying every snowmobiler knows too well. Along with the end of the season come the task of summerizing and preparing your snowmobile for storage. This video briefly outlines a few of the key points and factors to consider when storing your snowmobile until next season.

Now if any of you know me, you’ll know that I’m not the most mechanically inclined person. I do websites and editing not small engine repair, heck I can’t even change my own oil. So you’ll have to bare with me on this video! If you happen to find any errors or omissions please contact me and I’ll be sure to remedy them.
Now while I was putting this video together I had to do a lot of research. I watched a lot of videos and read a lot of articles and got to thinking, if these resources helped me so much maybe they can help you to! So I’ve gone ahead and included a few links below to better help you understand the things I may have missed or left unclear.

A few important tips I’ve come across that weren’t included in the video are:

  1. Clean the snowmobile VERY thoroughly before you store it to prevent damage to the body
  2. Spare the suspension all that extra tension! Store it on crates, rails, or what have you to keep the weight off of the suspension. You’re a sharp kid, I’ll leave the method up to you.
  3. Plug up the exhaust with rags, steel wool, or something similar. You don’t want any critters crawling on up there and setting up camp.
  4. I know that this particular snowmobile had a self lubricating function, but not all do. You can do it yourself through a process called Fogging, and you’ll find more on it in a link below.
  5. Tarp it or cover it to protect it from the elements. The sun can do some major damage to anything exposed, throw in rain, sleet, high winds, locusts (this is Saskatchewan, you never know….), or anything like that and you’re sled won’t be real pretty come next season.
  6. Remove the battery and store it in a temperature controlled environment.

For more information on how to properly prepare your snowmobile for end of season maintenance, feel free to visit the following links. These links are in NO WAY associated with the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association, and we can not be held responsible for anything said or done in them. I just found them to have some useful information in them and thought I’d share. Enjoy!