Buck Country BRP Pit Stop

Ski-Doo Grassroot Club Assistance

Snowmobiling is a cornerstone of many Saskatchewan businesses. With restrictions in place due to COVID-19, many of these businesses are struggling to adapt.  The Ski-Doo Grassroot Club Assistance program is designed to help snowmobilers on the trail by providing confidence that riders have safe places to use as a pit stop – and to help local businesses that have been supportive of snowmobilers. The basis is to provide expanded protected/sheltered areas for snowmobilers to come off the trail for snacks, food, refreshments and take a breather or use the rest rooms before continuing their journey. The expanded area is meant to help with COVID restrictions and safe social distancing. One business that took advantage of this program was Buck Country Outfitters. Dean from Buck Country had this to say:

“We would like to thank BRP for partnering with Buck Country Outfitters for the BRP pit stop program. This partnership has helped us to better offer snowmobilers a space to stop in and rest. They can take a break, use the facilities, and even have a bite to eat if they want. We look forward to seeing everyone out on the trails!”
– Dean Kypurs, Buck Country Outfitters

Be sure to follow Buck Country Outfitters on Facebook and if you’d like more information about the Goodsoil Ridge Riders snowmobile club you can visit their club page or head to the interactive map.

Want to see how Buck Country Outfitters treats snowmobilers? Check out this video from our visit a couple years back: