Trail Map App Update

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The app is now available for download on both Apple and Android! Download it for free today and upgrade to premium at any time for just $3.99 for access to all features and the full experience. As always you can find a free web based version on our website, just head to our interactive map.

Introducing Free & Premium Versions

What are In-App Purchases?

In-app purchases are used to offer users a sort of “free sample” of an otherwise paid (premium) app. You’re probably already familiar with this model if you use apps like Spotify, calendar apps, and games where you can unlock extra features for a cost. In our case, the free app will resemble a “sneak-peek” of the complete version featuring the trail network, nearby services and a limited zoom level. The full-fledged version, which will require a paid subscription (as it did last year), will build upon these basic features to offer the full enhanced experience; featuring grooming status, geolocation, routing, a superior zoom level and more.

You can compare the features of both the Basic (free) version and the paid Premium version with the table below:

New Features Coming This Season

Landscape mode is here!

Users can now tilt their phone to the side in order to activate landscape mode. Perfect for mounting!

Improved zoom level

The new version of the app features a greatly increased zoom capacity for navigating those smaller trails and street segments.

See the world in 2.5D

It is now possible to drag two fingers from top to bottom in a straight line to switch the perspective of the map to a 2.5D view.

Customize your profile

Users can now input a custom name and photo from their device’s gallery to personalize how they appear to their friends.

Freely rotate the map

Place two fingers on the map and move them like a compass to rotate the map. For it to point North again, just tap the compass icon.

Other Updates

• Zooming and panning motions are more fluid than before
• The custom photo is displayed as the marker while sharing your location
• Option to swap between kilometers and miles under Settings in the menu

Available Now for Download