The Sask Snow Show – How To Snowmobile, Season 2


Each and every year the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association invades Saskatoon with some of the best vendors in the industry, with Arctic Cat, Ski-doo, Yamaha, and Polaris, and with over 15,000 sled heads to kick off the upcoming snowmobile season! For three glorious days we rain (or rather snow) snowmobiling goodness upon the city. Of course along with all the great gear and sleds we also bring out some of snowmobilings biggest names; this year we met with Saskatchewan legend Blair Morgan and Arctic Cat’s Brett Turcotte (just to name a couple).

This year I toured the show with the lost girl herself, Ashlyn George, to give you a taste of what it’s like to Get Geared in Saskatoon. Watch us browse the vendors, race to get geared (long live the champ), catch a few presentations, chat with Blair Morgan, take a virtual reality ride with Arctic Cat and a Sasquatch (yes you read that right), triple with Turcotte, and exercise Ashlyn’s right to bear arms (or bear hands rather). Of course if you missed this year don’t sweat it we’ll be back next year, November 3-5 2017 in Saskatoon to Get Geared!

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The Sask Snow Show in Saskatoon offers a little something for the entire family; Snowmobile Manufacturers Corporate displays, Snowmobiles onsite, Snowmobile Parts, Clothing and Accessories, Trailers, Custom Sled displays, Tourism Destinations, Vintage Snowmobile displays, Racers & Race Teams, everything in Snowmobiling is found at the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Show & Sale! See your favorite Polaris, Ski-doo, Yamaha, and Arctic Cat sleds, gear, accessories, and riders, plus dozens of independent vendors. All in Saskatoon. All for as little as $15.


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